How to Multistream with Castr

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It wasn’t long ago that social platforms were limited in terms of streaming. For a very long time, Twitch was the reigning champ in the live content arena. But now, the options of platforms are numerous, which is why you shouldn’t be limited to one.

Getting started on multistreaming is easy. You just need to know how to access social sites and their streaming features. At the same time, you will also choose between software and hardware encoders. Both of which have benefits and limitations in their own right. This article will help you choose the hardware and software for multistreaming. To learn about choosing the best settings, refer to this blog.

How to Multistream: The Hardware Solutions

Encoder manufacturers understand the importance of multistreaming. Most of the time, they advertise multistreaming capabilities built into their hardware. Take, for example, the VidiU Pro Teradek encoder.

With this encoder, you can stream high-definition videos to several platforms, including Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Teradek connects to multiple inputs like hardwire and wifi-connected sources. From there, you can set up the stream through their desktop app, live-switch, or add graphics along the way. The encoder also includes a mobile app where you can monitor the health and analytics of your event.

The Pearl-2 encoder functions similarly to the Teradek, but with additional key features. Their encoder features a built-in stream that previews the source of your video. It also has software for desktop and mobile devices. Multistreaming on Pearl-2 is also available for YouTube, Facebook, Ustream, and other video streaming platforms.

Out of the box, you can attach two HD camera sources and several stereo inputs to the Pearl-2 to mix levels on the fly. Each of their new products also comes with the option of adding 4K streaming capabilities.

Both of these two encoders can quickly solve the issues of basic multistreaming, but they do come with their disadvantages. The biggest one is that both encoders and the cameras you need to maximize their features are extremely expensive.

While the newer models feature updated codecs and software, the inexpensive models are limited. If your only goal is to stream to different platforms, there are cheaper alternatives available for streamers.

Web Solutions and Desktop Software

In terms of software solutions, encoders that feature multistreaming are limited, unfortunately. Wirecast is a professional encoder for streamers who prefer a more straightforward setup. Their advanced package features unlimited RTMP destinations.

The software gives you a large amount of control through an intuitive user-interface. Through the interface, you can add effects, custom transitions, and add new media through a playlist. On top of that comes master mixing layers and on the audio changing capabilities. But all these features come with a $449 price tag.

For a more budget-friendly solution to learning how to multistream, you can turn to The X2 package allows streamers to access Facebook and YouTube API. This means you can change the meta-data of each stream before you go live.

Besides those two platforms, you’re also allowed to stream on Twitch, Mixer, Periscope, on top of 20+ social sites. You can even use the service in tandem with your chosen hardware or software encoder. All it takes is a stream source, and from there, Castr can broadcast your content to almost any social media website.

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