Video Monetization Platform

Generate revenue from your live streams and on-demand videos
with ads, subscriptions or pay per view.


The complete video monetization platform that allows you to seamlessly stream and monetize your live and on-demand videos online.

Viewers pay to get access to your protected streams and VODs – with easy-to-use interface and quick payment.

Take your projects to the next level by growing your subscriber base with monthly or yearly payments. Your viewers will love being able to watch all of their favorite streams and VODs without having any interruptions!

Leverage viewer's attention as promoting opportunities with in-stream ads.
Castr supports adding video ads right on the stream player with convertible features for your campaign.


Collect and manage signed-up accounts right on Castr’s platform.
Leverage account information for promotions, campaigns, or bonding with your audiences.

Customize and develop your own branding with Paywall.
You can add your own brand, website, and messages that your viewers see on the stream player.

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Castr’s Video Monetization Platform

Live Streaming

Live stream your events with Castr’s top-tier CDN partners like Akamai, Fastly, and Cloudfare. Get access to the industry’s most reliable streaming service and host your live events with ease.


Our paywall feature offers seamless integration with Stripe to ensure all purchases are secured and processed smoothly. Bring your live content to every corner of the world with worldwide payment for any kind of live streams: pay-per-view, one-time fee access, or more.

Live Streaming Monetization
Video Monetization

Video Monetization

Castr’s video monetization platform is designed to help content creators and businesses generate revenue from their video content.


Host and stream unlimited video on demand content (VOD) with Castr’s embeddable video player. Castr offers a variety of video monetization models to monetize content easily, including video paywall, OTT app, and security features – all packed in a single video streaming platform.


What’s more? Castr streams your video on demand in any way you want: hosted and delivered on the cloud with guaranteed stability and quality.

Subscription video on demand and live events

Take it a step further to have your own subscription video on demand service. All recurring monthly or yearly payments are made through Stripe to ensure a straight forward process and secured transactions for you and your subscribers. The paid subscription mode is also available for your live video content.


Castr provides you with everything you need to extend your live and on demand video to the fullest. Grow, connect, and retain subscribers with Castr’s video monetization platform.

Subscription video on demand and live events
Video Ad Monetization

Video Ad Monetization

If ppv and subscription monetization models don’t fit your needs, try Castr’s Video Ad. Running video ad campaigns with Castr helps you reach more viewers, thus grows your revenue significantly.


Castr’s features for advertising video lets you easily switch between different ads for each streams/videos to appeal to different audiences. You can choose to run advertising using an image, a video, or an existing ad server. Castr also supports enabling skippable pre-roll ads as a way to make it a more comfortable viewing experience for your audience.

Try Castr’s Video Monetization Platform Now

Try all features for 7 days. No contracts. No credit card needed

Trusted by 200,000+ streamers across the world
United Nations Climate Change
University of TEXAS
Frontier Church

Trusted by 200,000+ Streamers

We're rated 4.7 out of 5 on Capterra

The glue that brings things together. Very easy to use with lots of platforms available to choose from. Support is very responsive if you have any issues.

Clayton C.

Assistant Director, Government Administration

Our overall experience with Castr has been completely positive. We stream weekly to Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope all at the same time, and have really seen an improvement in our social media reach and especially engagement. It's a really fair price and a great service.

Brian C.

General Manager, Entertainment

The customer service has been great. Questions are answered in a timely manner and completely.

Tim W.

Assistant Pastor, Religious Institution

Overall Castr has been excellent and in the few issues I have experienced, customer service has sorted things out very quickly. I have never had my stream cut out. It offers Pull URL at no extra cost on my package which is much cheaper than other similar services.

Stephen C.

Content Creator, Media Production

A critical part of our stream. Castr was exactly what we needed to livestream our show on multiple platforms at the same time. Simply put, we wouldn't have the audience that we currently do without Castr. It's an integral part of our daily operation.

Todd D.

General Manager, Broadcast Media

Best multistreaming out there! When looking for a solution to livestream to both Facebook and YouTube, we came across Castr and it solved all of our issues. We love the fact that it doesn't require you to put any of their branding in the descriptions and that the stream looks great on both sites.

Jake B.

Creative Director, Religious Institution


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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find it here? Check out our Help Center.

  • What is Castr's Video Monetization Platforms?


    Castr Video Monetization Platform is a monetization solution that is designed to help businesses and content creators to generate revenue from your video content and live streams.

  • Can I set my own price for my content?


    Yes. You've got full control of your pricing and video monetization strategy. You can choose between subscriptions, one-time purchases to access live broadcasts and video on demand - and mix it up to fit your video streaming business.

  • Can I monetize live videos?


    Yes. You can easily stream your live events, and monetize with subscription packages or on-time purchases

  • Does Castr take commissions?


    Yes. For detailed information on our commission rates, please check out this article

  • Do I own my subscribers and audience data?


    Yes. You can easily view your audience's purchase history and email addresses in the Paywall tab.

  • Are the transactions secured? Can I accept payments from any part of the world?


    You will need a Stripe account to connect with Castr and receive payments. All transactions are secured and processed by Stripe. Audiences from any country can access the stream and complete payment using their credit cards.

  • What are the monetization options for my Castr account?


    With Castr Paywall, you can monetize live streams as pay-per-view sessions, subscription-based with recurring payment or advertisements. Besides monetizing All in One stream, users will soon be able to monetize VOD files hosted on Castr as well.

  • What are the kinds of ads I can add into my streams?


    You can set up in-stream advertising using a promotion video or a VAST Tag. Plus, you can also add a click through URL to promote any website you want in the ad.

  • Can I add my own logo, company website, and thumbnail for the monetized stream?


    Yes. Besides adding a thumbnail and watermark in the stream settings, you can add your own logo to the stream player and link to your website.

  • Who handles the refunds?


    Payments will go directly to your Stripe account. If a viewer contacts you with an issue and wants their money back - it's up to you whether or not to grant them that request. You can do refund in Paywall Transaction tab inside Castr dashboard, or via your Stripe dashboard.