Castr vs. Restream | 2023 comparison

With Castr, you can do more than just

Castr is an affordable alternative to Restream that gives
you better streaming values with additional services.

  • Stream to 30+ social platforms at the same time
  • Stream to Facebook Pages / Groups
  • Stream pre-recorded videos
  • No ads on all plans
  • 24/7 priority support on all plans
  • Up to 15+ concurrent streams
  • Stream to your own website with HTML5 player
  • SRT support
  • Stream to 30+ social platforms at the same time
  • Stream to Facebook Pages / Groups
  • Stream pre-recorded videos
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Castr vs Restream

Castr vs. Restream: What’s the difference?

Restream focuses on multistreaming. This makes Restream a great option if you just want to broadcast to multiple destinations at the same time.

Meanwhile, Castr is a wide-ranging solution, fully packed with features for all types of video streaming.

We’re not just a multistreaming tool. With Castr, you can enjoy the Restream benefits at a more affordable price, stream to your own website, or get up to 15 streams at the same time. And if there’s a technical problem, our support team is ready to chat with you 24/7, even if you’re our trial user!

No ads on all plans

No matter what plan you’re on, Castr does not add our brand name to your videos. Your content belongs to you, so you can expect absolutely no commercial affiliation surprises from us.

No ads
24/7 priority support on all plans

24/7 priority support on all plans

Experience glitches with your stream? Have a product question and hate filling out a submission form? Our live chat portal is available 24/7 to support you whenever you need — without any extra fees.

Ready. Steady. Stream.

Castr is super easy to use. Whether you’re an expert streamer or beginner in this field, you can stream within 5 minutes with our sleek and easy-to-use dashboard.

Ready. Steady. Stream.
Reliable and stable streams

Reliable and stable streams

Broadcast high-definition and smooth videos with Akamai and Fastly CDNs, and more than 15 servers placed all around the world.

Stream to your own website

Need to host videos on a webpage? You can embed the stream to your own website using our HTML5 player.

Stream to your own website
SRT support

SRT support

Castr is the first and only video streaming software that supports streaming through the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol — allowing for even more optimized video performances over unstable networks.


Castr vs. Restream:
Features Comparison

Main features

Stream to 30+ social platforms at the same time

Compatible with third-party software like OBS, XSplit, Zoom

Stream pre-recorded videos

Full HD, 1080p

API availability

24/7 infinite loop streaming

Video-on-demand (VOD)

Over-the-top (OTT): Stream to Roku, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV

Stream on your website (Customizable HTML5 Player)

SRT support

Multiple ingests: HLS, RTSP, RTMP, MPEG-TS

Adaptive bitrate (ABR) transcoding

Password protection

Geo-blocking, domain-blocking

Advanced features

Cloud recording

Up to 96 hours of continuous recording
Up to 20 hours of continuous recording

24/7 priority support

All plans

From $99 plan

Concurrent streams

Up to 15+

Maximum 1

No branding

All plans

Removed from $49 plan

Stream to Facebook Pages / Groups

From $9.99 plan

From $19 plan

Recorded file streaming

From $9.99 plan

From $19 plan


From $9.99 plan

From $49 plan

Stream to custom destinations

From $9.99 plan

From $19 plan


Overall Castr has been excellent and in the few issues I have experienced, customer service has sorted things out very quickly. I have never had my stream cut out. It offers Pull URL at no extra cost on my package which is much cheaper than other similar services.

Best multistreaming out there! When looking for a solution to livestream to both Facebook and YouTube, we came across Castr and it solved all of our issues. We love the fact that it doesn't require you to put any of their branding in the descriptions and that the stream looks great on both sites.

Such great service! From start to finish we've had an excellent experience.

No glitches. No issues. It simply works.

A solid product. Ease of use and UI were pretty superior to other products.

Best Value and Customer Service

The user-interface is very easy to use and clear from beginning on, there is not much that one can do wrong when using We are using for our live stream productions without any problems, the latency is great and the fact they have servers around the globe allows for stable streams even from the US to Europe, etc. For our usage, is perfect as it offers everything we need and nothing more on a stable, easy-to-use platform.

Frequently asked questions

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Castr is a video streaming platform that aims to provide top-tier solutions for livestreaming, multistreaming, video-on-demand (VOD) solutions, and IP camera streaming.

Castr is best for anyone who wants to multistream to any of their favorite platforms, whether it’s for gaming, live church services, or business conferences.

Besides a subscription, you’ll also need an encoder. While we do suggest OBS as it is the best free streaming software, Castr works with any encoder that allows custom RTMP setup. You can also pull directly from IP cameras or separate supported sources.

Yes, you can stream to a custom RTMP destination by configuring a custom platform in the Castr dashboard.

Yes. You can choose to stream to 30+ supported platforms by using our Multistream subscriptions. Visit to learn more.

Yes, all live video streams are delivered via the Akamai content delivery network (CDN). This will help us make sure there won’t be any buffering or lagging to your video streaming quality.

Yes. We transcode the streams in the cloud and you have the option to enable or disable the adaptive bitrate streaming options for your livestreams.

Yes. When you upload a video, you will have the options to choose the resolutions to which the videos need to be encoded.

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