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Flexible livestreaming with our embeddable player

Livestream to your website with our embeddable HTML5 player. No forced branding or watermarks — we promise.


Customize your own logo, poster, chatbox. Integrate with Google Analytics to evaluate your stream performance. Use any encoder that’s compatible with your system. Become the go-between and stream your client’s content to platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Flexible livestreaming with our embeddable player
Deliver content to the right audience

Deliver content to the right audience

Keeping your content local is now much simpler with Castr’s security: geo-blocking, geo-whitelisting, and domain whitelisting.


Make sure you reach the most interested audiences while delivering the best streaming experience to the targeted group of people.

Record first. Stream later.

Castr makes it easy to control and manage your pre-recorded content.


Create scripted and well-produced episodic videos with our video-on-demand (VOD) solution. You can store and play your pre-recorded videos anytime you want. Play them individually or simultaneously, on any platform you want.

Record first. Stream later.

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Castr is amazing! The greatest thing about Castr is its low latency. This has been great for the live broadcasts we do in order to interact with the audience with less lag!

Arjay J.

Managing Director

We use Castr to deliver our content 24/7 to different platforms. It makes our workflow much simpler. We save internet bandwidth and hardware stress.

Mauricio J.

IT Director

Our experience with Castr has been fantastic. Their support has been head and shoulders above any other online service provider we have used. The live chat support works great and the support representatives are very knowledgeable and do their best to provide good information and answer all your questions

Bill S.

CEO & Director or Engineering

The best streaming service for multiple platforms. I’m very satisfied with it. I compared all the major streaming service softwares, reviews on youtube for each one and this one was the best!

Bobbie A.


Castr has changed our lives! With Castr, we have pushed our workflow to the next level with minimal outlay! Having the option for 5 encoders means we can bring in 5 live cameras into our control room remotely without the need to spend on very expensive equipment to make this happen. We often get asked to stream on many social media sites at the same time which again Castr just allows! It's an amazing system that they have to offer and the price matches the competitors, if not better!

Steve M.

Director of Video

One of the best platforms for providing CDN services for live streaming as well as VOD and very flexible bandwidth. All the problems we face can be resolved very quickly. Besides their very friendly customer service. Best Castr!

Azanis A.

Technical Director, Media Production

So far, re-streaming to multiple platforms without stressing my computer and internet bandwidth on a daily basis with that ease of use and quick to connect to all my destinations makes using Castr worth it.

Wayne W.

Managing Director

Castr is a winner.

Nathanael H.

Creative Producer, Broadcast Media


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