Video CDN

Delivering live and on-demand videos without delays or buffering anywhere in the world. Powered by Akamai, Cloudflare and Fastly CDN.

Video CDN

What is CDN?

The CDN, or Content Delivery Network is a system of geographically distributed servers that deliver content to users as quickly and efficiently as possible. With this service, delivering your content will be a lot easier. CDN is also known as Content Distribution Network. The terms are used interchangeably.


As a content provider, you can rely on the CDN for fast and reliable delivery of your website’s pages. It distributes them from servers all over world so that users receive their request quickly without any lag time or error messages.

About Video CDN
Why we need CDN?

Why we need Video Content Delivery Network?

If you want your viewers to be able to watch video without experiencing any buffering or other interruptions, then it is important that they have a fast internet connection. But it’s not always the case. That’s why most streaming media services need a CDN.


CDN stores your on demand videos on multiple servers worldwide and there’s high chance that many of them are close to your viewers. It also delivers text, image, and media files accross the Internet with efficiency.

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Castr's Video Streaming CDN Solution

Castr SRT Feature

Doesn’t matter where your users are, live streams are delivered in high quality anywhere in the world with almost zero latency. The cache servers located close by your audience will pick up what you are broadcasting and deliver it by the shortest route.

Castr SRT Feature

Powered by Akamai, Cloudflare and Fastly, Castr ensures fast and high quality video delivery with reduced buffering regardless of device, internet connection or your viewer’s locations.

Castr SRT Feature

Stream your favorite TV shows, movies and sporting events with the highest quality possible. Handle requests from millions of viewers simultaneously without any buffering or glitches.

Benefits of Castr's
Video Streaming CDN Solution

Low Latency

Videos are delivered anywhere in the world with ultra low latency regardless of your viewer’s locations

Avoid Origin Server Overload

Video CDN providers have a lot of servers across the globe so that the origin servers will never be saturated.


Best streaming quality

Stream live and on demand videos with up to 4K quality without buffering or lag

Key Features


The CDN’s global networks ensure that millions of people around the world will be able to watch your videos.

Low infrastructure cost

No need to spend money on data centers, equipment upgrades, and staff expansion.

Castr partners with leading CDN providers

We know that the most important aspect of video streaming is your audience’s experience.
We’ve got you covered with multiple CDNs including Akamai, Cloudflare and Fastly to ensure fast and stable delivery.


Akamai CDN

Akamai is one of the most well-known CDN providers in video streaming industry for its quality and stability. Akamai also provides cybersecurity, cloud services, and security services.


Fastly CDN

Fastly provides a variety of Transport Layer Security services that offer website and application owners the ability to serve traffic over HTTPS, which offers privacy as well as data security for their customers.


Cloudflare CDN

Another popular CDN is Cloudflare. With its global networks, your viewers will always have fast and smooth streaming no matter where in the world!

Frequently asked questions

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  • What is video CDN?


    CDN is a system that delivers content to users with high-quality streaming. CDNS can be found in many parts of the world, ensuring global availability for any user no matter where they are located!

  • Which CDN is best for video streaming?


    The best 6 video CDN providers include: Akamai, Cloudfare, Fastly, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloudfront, Limelight. They have a 99% success rate in delivering videos without disruption to your viewers which is why they’re so reliable.

  • What is edge server?


    CDN's edge server is a computer that exists at the very boundary between networks and connects them together, making live stream content closest to your client machine. As such it reduces latency while improving page load times for you website!

  • What makes a good Content Delivery Network (CDN)?


    A CDN helps deliver streaming video quickly and efficiently to viewers around the world. Here are some things to look for when you’re choosing a CDN

    • Their servers are close to the majority of your viewers.
    • They’re optimized for video players.
    • It's compatible with our video hosting and streaming media.

  • What is Akamai?


    Akamai is a leading CDN provider which operates a network of servers around the world. It also rents out capacity on these to customers who want their websites to work in a fast pace by distributing content from locations near the user.

  • What is Castr?


    Castr is a video streaming platform providing livestreaming and video-on-demand (VOD) solutions for streamers and businesses that need online broadcasting solutions.

  • Which Content Delivery Network (CDN) does Castr use?


    All live video streams are delivered via Akamai, Cloudflare and Fastly content delivery networks (CDN). This will help us make sure there won’t be any buffering or lagging to your video streaming quality.

  • Does Castr support adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR)?


    Yes. We transcode the streams in the cloud and you have the option to enable or disable the adaptive bitrate streaming options for your livestreams.

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