Start Your Own TV Channel with Castr’s Cloud TV Playout

With Castr’s Cloud TV Playout, starting a TV channel is just a few clicks away. Upload videos, craft your schedule, and broadcast live or pre-recorded content seamlessly.


TV Broadcasting Software for Modern Creators



Castr’s Cloud TV Playout is your go-to TV broadcasting software, whether you’re broadcasting live events or creating a schedule with pre-recorded videos. Stream to social media, websites, and OTT apps effortlessly.

All Types of Video Streaming in One Place

Deliver your video content anywhere. Embed videos and stream to your own website or over-the-top (OTT) platforms using the Castr Embedded Player.

Castr Embedded Player

Boost your views and grow your audience. Broadcast live videos across multiple social media channels and streaming destinations at the same time.


Monetize your live and on-demand videos the way you want.
You get to keep 100% of what is made. Castr doesn't take any commission at all.

Unlock seamless content scheduling and continuous streaming with TV Playout, perfect for TV channels and content creators. Elevate your professional presence and engage your audience today!

Pre-Recorded Live

Seamlessly launch and manage your OTT apps with a 5-star streaming experience for your audience


Pre-record your videos and broadcast them as livestreams. Avoid mid-broadcast issues and reach your viewers when they're most active online.


Turn livestreams into on-demand videos (VOD) — so that your viewers can re-watch, pause, skip, rewind, or fast-forward your show however they would like.

Live to VOD

Explore the Detailed Features
of Castr TV Playout

Castr SRT Feature

Broadcast Modes

Choose your broadcast schedule: one-time, weekly, or on a loop, catering to your content strategy.

Castr SRT Feature

Transcoding Configuration

Customize encoding parameters to ensure a consistent viewing experience across varying video resolutions.

Castr SRT Feature

Easy Content Management

Utilize a timeline to arrange content back-to-back, and effortlessly rearrange or list your items for a streamlined broadcasting schedule.

Castr SRT Feature

Live Stream Insertion

Easily incorporate live streams into your existing schedule for a dynamic broadcast.

Castr SRT Feature

Adjust Content on the Fly

Make real-time adjustments to your schedule or content, catering to last-minute changes or updates.

Castr SRT Feature

Stream or Embed

Expand your reach by sending your stream to various RTMP destinations or embedding it directly on your website.

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Advanced Streaming Features

Embed Player

Embed Player

Share video content globally

Embed videos and stream to your own website or any over-the-top (OTT) platform like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.


OTT Apps

White-label OTT Solution

Castr’s white-label OTT solution lets you launch your own video streaming app with zero coding skills.


Stream to 30+ platforms

Broadcast your live videos on multiple platforms. You can simultaneously stream pre-recorded, VOD, and live events across 30+ social platforms and streaming destinations.

Video Monetization

Paywall and Video Ads

Monetize your live and on-demand videos with Castr Paywall and Video Ads.

Cloud Recording

Video Hosting

Secure Video Upload

Securely host and deliver on-demand video content globally.

Multiple CDN

Multiple CDNs

Ensure optimal viewing experience

Castr’s global CDNs make sure your viewers experience videos with 4K quality, low latency, and no buffering.

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Frequently asked questions



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  • What is TV Playout, and how does it function in broadcasting?


    TV Playout is a feature enabling you to schedule and broadcast content seamlessly, providing a 24-hour broadcasting solution. By creating cloud-based playlists and schedules for your media assets, you can establish a continuous broadcasting channel, making it a pivotal component in modern-day TV channel creation.

  • What scheduling options are available for managing my broadcast?


    You have the flexibility of choosing between daily and weekly scheduling options to align with your broadcasting needs. These scheduling options are integral for anyone looking to start a TV channel, ensuring content is always available for viewers.

  • What variety of content can I incorporate into my broadcasting timetable?


    Your broadcasting timetable can feature a mix of Video on Demand (VOD) content and live streams. This versatility is essential when you create your own TV channel, allowing for a dynamic and engaging viewer experience.

  • Is it possible to modify my TV Playout schedule post activation?


    Absolutely, you can modify the destination or timetable even after activation. However, remember to click "Set Schedule" again to apply any changes made. This feature provides the flexibility needed in TV broadcasting software, ensuring your broadcast remains updated and relevant.

  • Can I obtain SRT/RTMP Pull links for my TV Playout?


    Yes, SRT/RTMP Pull links for your TV Playout can be obtained from the destination stream.