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for Local Government

A secure video streaming platform designed to deliver speeches, public meetings, press conferences, and other live events to your community.

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Trusted by government entities around the world


Live Stream public meetings, speeches, press conferences with Castr

Global Delivery with Multiple CDNs

Castr partnered with leading CDNs like Akamai and Fastly to deliver live streams with confidence.


No matter how many of your community members are watching, or where they are in the world, Castr ensures the scalability and quality of your streams.


Video Privacy and Security

We understand that security is the top priority for government organizations.

That’s why Castr is committed to providing the best security features and powerful privacy settings.

This helps keep your videos and confidential information safe while making sure they get to the right people.

Customizable White-Label Video Player

Our white-label HTML5 player lets you embed your live streaming events on any website or OTT platforms.

Customize your organization’s branding with logos and posters for enhanced authenticity and trustworthiness.


Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics let you know where, when and how your community members watch and interact with your streams.

With these detailed insights, you can better determine how to promote your streams in the future so that you reach the most members of your community as possible.

Enable End-to-end Streaming with Castr's Extensive Features

Stream smoothly with Castr’s features for end-to-end streaming. From ingesting, transcoding, delivering to going live with a stream player, Castr takes care of it all.

And it doesn’t stop there! After your stream is finished, Castr automatically record and store your content on the cloud for redistribution anyway you’d like.


There’s even more.
Castr has all features you need for live streaming.

Embed Player

Embed Player

Share video content globally

Embed videos and stream to your own website or any over-the-top (OTT) platform like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.


OTT Apps

White-label OTT Solution

Castr’s white-label OTT solution lets you launch your own video streaming app with zero coding skills.


Stream to 30+ platforms

Broadcast your live videos across 30+ social platforms and streaming destinations at the same time.

Video Monetization

Paywall and Video Ads

Monetize your live and on-demand videos with Castr Paywall and Video Ads.

Video Hosting

Video Hosting

Secure Video Upload

Securely host and deliver on-demand video content globally. Upload files from your computer or import directly from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Cloud Playout

Cloud Playout

Create 24/7 Live TV Channel

Create and schedule 24/7 TV programs with a mix of pre-produced content and live streams.

Multiple CDN

Multi CDNs

Ensure optimal viewing experience

Castr’s global CDNs make sure your viewers experience videos with 4K quality, low latency, and no buffering.

Advanced Analytics

Measure audience’s interaction

Turn livestreams into on-demand videos for your viewers to re-watch your content however they like.

Live to VOD


Repurpose live streams into VOD

Turn livestreams into on-demand videos for your viewers to re-watch your content however they like.

Local governments chose to stream with Castr. Here's what they think.

We’re rated 4.7 out of 5 on Capterra and 4.8 out of 5 on Capterra

Trusted by 200,000+ Streamers

We're rated 4.7 out of 5 on Capterra

Overall I have been very satisfied and happy with Castr. I love how easy it is to send one stream to several CDNs.

Clifton K.

Government Administration

Castr allows us to split our live stream so that we can stream to Facebook and to Youtube at the same time. They handled Facebook’s switch to an encrypted stream on time.

Kevin C.

Government Relations

Great Product, saves us $$. Castr only requires one streaming encoder, instead of multiple pieces of hardware. It is easy to set up and configure and has lots of configuration option.

Jacob A.

Government Relations

Castr is very easy to use with lots of platforms available to choose from. Support is very supportive if you have any issues.

Clayton C.

Government Administration

I’ve been using it for about 3 years and it’s never given me a problem. Multistream is very good and easy to configure.

Elvis G.

Government Relations

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Frequently asked questions

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  • What is Castr?


    Castr is a video streaming platform that provides top-tier solutions for livestreaming, multistreaming, video-on-demand (VOD) hosting, and more. With advanced features for live streaming like ultra-low latency, monetization, live-to-VOD, and ABR streaming, Castr is an all in one solution for all of your streaming needs.

  • What team management features does Castr offer?


    With Castr, you can effortlessly bring your entire team on board, seamlessly integrating them into your account to elevate your stream moderation to new heights.

  • What is Castr OTT Whitelabel app?


    Elevate your brand with Castr's OTT White Label app, available for both Android and iOS. Our customizable solution allows you to tailor the app to perfectly match your company's distinctive colors, ensuring a seamless and branded experience for your audience

  • How can my team get support for technical issues?


    At Castr, your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we offer a round-the-clock support system that's always ready to assist you. You can get in touch with our support team by clicking on the icon on the bottom right.

  • What analytics features does Castr provide?


    Unlock powerful insights with Castr! Dive deep into comprehensive analytics for both your live streams and VODs, ensuring you have the data you need to optimize your content and engage your audience like never before

  • How does Castr ensure stream quality and stability?


    Experience the pinnacle of streaming technology with Castr's state-of-the-art CDNs, meticulously crafted to deliver nothing but the finest stream quality for your users. Our robust infrastructure includes multiple failovers, guaranteeing uninterrupted content delivery so your audience can enjoy a seamless viewing experience, every time