Live Stream
Pre-Recorded Video with Castr

Schedule and live stream your pre-recorded video content to Facebook, YouTube, or a custom RTMP output.

Broadcast your MP4 videos live with complete control and high quality from Castr.

Live Stream Pre Recorded Video
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Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos vs. Live Video Streaming

Live streaming sends the video source directly from your recording devices to a chosen platform like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, etc.


Live broadcasts are great opportunities to interact in real-time with your viewers and followers.


Broadcasting pre-recorded videos live is a more organized way to deliver your content to your viewers, plus the exciting appeal of a live event.


As pre-recorded videos can be edited, you can stream more professionally with TV-like production and stable quality for your content.

Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos vs. Live Video Streaming
The Benefits of Recorded Live Streams

The Benefits of Recorded Live Streams

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Create Live Streams with Pre-recorded Videos

Castr’s streaming features can deliver your live stream to websites, social media sites, video streaming platforms,
or any platforms that support the HLS and RTMP protocols.


Multistream to all platforms

Stream to more than 30 social platforms, including the most common social channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, at the same time. 


Embeddable HTML5 Player

Live stream on any website using Castr’s HTML5 video player. Get comprehensive streaming features like an OTT app, real-time chat box, analytics, or security.

Create live stream with MP4 videos

Upload your pre-recorded MP4 files or import from Google Drive/Dropbox to quickly set up and live stream pre-recorded video. Depending on your subscription, Castr supports video file size up to 10GB.

Files Import

Infinite video loop for continuous live streaming

Streaming pre-recorded videos in an endless loop and streaming live 24/7 help maximize your live stream reach on all channels in just a few clicks.

Scheduling Mode

Schedule multiple live events at different times

Prepare in advance, and rest assured that your pre-recorded content is going live at the exact time and date on the platforms you selected. 

Schedule livestreams

Stream multiple video files in one broadcast

Depending on your subscription, you can upload multiple videos to make one consistent stream to many destinations at once.

Simple Setup

Try Castr’s Pre-Recorded Video Streaming Now

Try all features for 7 days. No contracts. No credit card needed

There’s even more...
Castr has all features you need for live streaming.

Embed Player

Embed Player

Share video content globally

Embed videos and stream to your own website or any over-the-top (OTT) platform like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.


OTT Apps

White-label OTT Solution

Castr’s white-label OTT solution lets you launch your own video streaming app with zero coding skills.


Stream to 30+ platforms

Broadcast your live videos across 30+ social platforms and streaming destinations at the same time.

Video Monetization

Paywall and Video Ads

Monetize your live and on-demand videos with Castr Paywall and Video Ads.

Video Hosting

Video Hosting

Secure Video Upload

Securely host and deliver on-demand video content globally.

Multiple CDN

Multiple CDNs

Ensure optimal viewing experience

Castr’s global CDNs make sure your viewers experience videos with 4K quality, low latency, and no buffering.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find it here? Check out our Help Center.

  • What is Castr Pre-recorded video live streaming?


    Castr Pre-recorded stream supports uploading your pre-recorded stream to Castr with a specific date and time for it to go live on multiple streaming platforms. This is the perfect tool for streaming live video as a loop to various destinations without requiring constant monitoring effort from you.

  • Which plan includes all the features of Pre-recorded streaming?


    Castr Pre-recorded streaming is available across all plans, including the free account for the 7-day trial.

  • Does Castr encode video files to multiple resolutions when live streaming?


    Castr has support for different video formats: 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p for your live streams. Your viewers can choose the best option for the stream quality according to their Internet connection.

  • Can I schedule a stream to my website and YouTube and Facebook Live simultaneously?


    Yes, you can. You can add an existing All in One stream as a destination for your pre-recorded live streams to broadcast to the web, plus other streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.

  • Is there a recommended setting for recorded videos for live streaming?


    Castr has the recommended settings to record and stream stable on all platforms to ensure the highest streaming quality for your live videos. Make sure to preview your video before live streaming to avoid interruption.

  • Which Content Delivery Network (CDN) does Castr use?


    All live streams are delivered via Akamai and Fastly content delivery networks (CDN). This will help us ensure there won’t be any buffering or lagging to your live streaming quality.

  • Can I stream to a custom RTMP destination?


    Yes, you can stream to a custom RTMP destination by configuring a custom platform in the Castr dashboard.

  • How do I start a pre-recorded videos​ live broadcast?


    Make sure your recording setup is ready to produce the video, including a camera or webcam, microphone, or smartphone.

    For stream delivery, record your live videos in the correct format and do not exceed the bandwidth of your streaming plan. See our pricing page for more details.

    The last component you need for streaming pre-recorded videos is the destinations that your viewers can access. Castr pre-recorded video streaming supports multiple social accounts like Facebook live, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.

  • How to set up a pre-recorded video live stream on Castr?


    1. Create a new Pre-Recorded Stream.

    2. Add Video > Upload to add your video files: From your computer: Upload the pre-recorded video file from your device Cloud Import: Import the video file directly from Google Drive and Dropbox.

    3. Choose a Schedule Mode: Infinite loop or Schedule with a date and time.

    4. Click Add Platform. You can add Facebook live, Youtube, and any other social accounts for the recorded live streams.

  • How to live stream a pre-recorded video on youtube?


    You can use Castr to schedule and stream pre-recorded videos to youtube, you can even stream to multiple channels like Facebook, Twitch, Twitter at the same time.

  • How to schedule a pre recorded video on facebook live?


    You can stream pre-recorded videos to Facebook Live in Castr. Just upload your pre-recorded stream to Castr and set a specific date and time for it to go live on multiple streaming platforms including Facebook.