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How to Stream on Twitch and Youtube at the Same Time with Castr?

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How to Stream Twitch and tiktok at the same time

Twitch and Youtube are two of the most popular video streaming platforms. Twitch is mainly known for streaming video games and esports, while YouTube is more for general content. Different types of audiences gather on each platform. So, streaming on both simultaneously can be a great way to reach more viewers. In the video streaming world, this way is known as multistreaming.

Live streaming on multiple platforms is easily achieved using multistreaming software like Castr. In this blog, we’ll look at the steps of how to stream on Twitch and Youtube at the same time with Castr. Over and above, we’ll also discuss the benefits of simulcasting a live stream on twitch and YouTube. Let’s get started!

A Guide to Stream on Twitch and Youtube at the Same Time

Subscribe to a Castr plan. This streaming software helps broadcasters stream to 30+ platforms simultaneously, including Twitch and Youtube.

  • Log in to the Castr dashboard and click on ‘Create New‘.

  • Select ‘Multistream‘ to stream 30+ streaming platforms.

  • Then add your stream name and hosting region and click on ‘Create Multistream

  • For setting your streaming destinations, click on ‘Add Platform

  • You can add 30+ platforms as streaming destinations.

Stream on Twitch and Youtube at the Same Time

  • Select ‘Twitch‘, and you will see the ‘Connect to Twitch‘ button from where you can add your Twitch channel.

  • Follow the same method to add your Youtube Channel.
  • Activate ‘Chat Overlay‘ to read the comment on both Youtube and Twitch.

  • Finally, start your live streaming on Twitch and Youtube simultaneously.

Why Should You Stream on Twitch and Youtube at the Same Time?

Competition in the live-streaming industry is ever-increasing. Streaming on Twitch and YouTube simultaneously can be a great way to get more viewers, engagement, and followers. Simulcasting your live stream helps you reach two large platforms with different types of audiences simultaneously.

Additionally, streaming on multiple platforms means that even if one platform experiences technical difficulties, your stream will still be running on the other platform. It also helps you to save time and energy. Besides, you don’t have to set up a stream twice for each platform.

Therefore, streaming on Twitch and Youtube in tandem is a great way to reach out to different types of viewers and maximize your exposure. With Castr’s multistreaming software, you can stream to 30+ platforms easily.

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