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How to stream to Facebook and Youtube at the same time?

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How to Stream on Facebook and Youtube at the same time

Live streaming on multiple platforms is a great way to reach more viewers and expand your audience. With the help of advanced streaming software, you can easily capture and stream video content simultaneously. In this guide, we’ll show you how to stream to Facebook and YouTube simultaneously with Castr. Let’s dive in!

Can you go live on Facebook and Youtube at the same time?

Yes, you can go live on both Facebook and YouTube at the same time. All you need is streaming software that supports multi-streaming. Castr is a reliable multi-streaming platform that allows you to stream on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and more.

How to Stream on Facebook and Youtube at the Same Time with Castr?

First, subscribe to a Castr plan for simulcasting on Facebook and Youtube. This streaming software helps broadcasters stream to 30+ platforms simultaneously, including Facebook and Youtube.

#Step-1: Log in to the Castr dashboard and click on ‘Create New‘.

#Step-2: Select ‘Multistream‘ to stream 30+ streaming platforms.

#Step-3: Then add your stream name and hosting region and click on ‘Create Multistream

#Step-4: For setting your streaming destinations, click on ‘Add Platform

#Step-5: You can add 30+ platforms as streaming destinations.

#Step-6: Select ‘Facebook Live‘, and you will see the ‘Connect With Facebook‘ button from where you can add your Facebook profile and page.

#Step-7: Follow the same method to add your Youtube Channel.

#Step-8: Activate ‘Chat Overlay‘ to read the comment on both Youtube and Twitch.

Finally, start your live streaming on Facebook and Youtube simultaneously.

Why Should You Stream on Facebook and Youtube at the Same Time?

Streaming on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously offers numerous benefits for content creators and businesses looking to expand their online presence and engage with a broader audience. Utilizing both platforms simultaneously allows you to take advantage of each platform’s unique features and maximize your reach.

Here are some reasons why you should consider streaming on Facebook and YouTube at the same time:

Expanded audience reach:

Facebook and YouTube have different user demographics and browsing habits. Streaming on both platforms allows you to reach a wider audience, increasing the chances of your content being seen by more people.

Increased engagement:

Streaming on both platforms allows you to interact with viewers from both communities, fostering a sense of inclusivity and enhancing audience engagement.

Platform-specific features:

Each platform offers unique features and tools for creators. By streaming on both Facebook and YouTube, you can take advantage of the features that work best for your content, such as Facebook’s live reactions and YouTube’s Super Chat.


Relying on a single platform can be risky, as changes in algorithms, policies, or user behavior can affect your reach and visibility. Streaming on multiple platforms can help mitigate these risks and provide more stability for your online presence.

Potential for monetization:

Facebook and YouTube offer monetization options for creators, such as ad revenue and fan support through features like YouTube’s Super Chat and Facebook’s Stars. Streaming on both platforms can provide multiple revenue streams, increasing your earning potential.

Cross-promotion opportunities:

Streaming on both platforms allows you to cross-promote your content and encourage viewers to follow you on Facebook and YouTube. This can lead to a stronger and more loyal fan base across multiple platforms.

Improved analytics:

Streaming on both platforms gives you access to a wider range of analytics data, which can help you better understand your audience and optimize your content strategy.

Flexibility and adaptability:

Streaming on both platforms allows you to adapt your content and approach based on each platform’s unique strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you’re making the most of your live streaming efforts.


Simultaneously streaming on Facebook and YouTube can help you expand your reach, engage with your audience more effectively, and maximize your earning potential. It’s a smart strategy for content creators and businesses looking to grow their online presence and connect with a diverse audience. Castr is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for streaming on both platforms, allowing you to stream easily and confidently. Give it a try today and see how it can help you take your live streaming to the next level.

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