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What’s New in Castr? Check Out These Exciting Product Updates Coming This September!

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September Product Updates
September is an exciting month for Castr! Our product team has worked extra hard to make live streaming easy. We’ve released a handful of new updates on Castr, ranging from collaboration features to improve the platform’s viewing experience.
Putting the users at the center of our development, your feedback is the motivation for our team to build and update Castr constantly. We believe these features will boost your live broadcasts, enable collaboration, and enhance powerful streaming for your team.

Here are Castr’s upcoming exciting new features you don’t want to miss:

Team Feature

September Product Updates Team Feature

Say goodbye to the complicated steps you took when sharing your Castr streaming account with your team. We put together this feature to make collaboration easy in one platform. This feature is the first among many other significant updates on its way to transforming your streaming experience.
The Team feature lets you invite your team members and assign them roles. How you define your team on Castr is entirely up to you! Together, you and other team members can view and manage your streams and videos on Castr.

There are three different roles in Team:

  • Owner: The owner of the account. The team owner has full permission to perform all actions in their account.
  • Admin: Invited by the owner. Admins have full permissions for streaming and managing platforms as well as billing. They, however, cannot invite members or enable/disable/edit roles for members.
  • Moderator: Invited by the owner. Moderators have customized permissions set by the owner or admins.

Permissions in a team:

Only Moderators have customizable permissions. All Admins and Owner have full permissions to the Livestream, Pre-recorded Stream, Video Hosting, and other features like Paywall, Billing, Developers, Sub accounts, and Refer & Earn.
You can read more about the Team feature in this blog.

Stream Health Chart

September Product Updates stream health chart

Stream Health is the status and performance of your stream source. Gaining the data of Stream Input Health gives you important insights into your stream and viewing experience.

On the Castr platform, you can track the stream health data for both live and past streams. The Input Health provides data on delays, video and audio bitrate, and frame rate so that you can easily identify the fluctuations and underlying issues. This feature will help you better understand your streams on Castr and improve the stream quality over time.
You can read more about the new Stream Health Chart from this tutorial.

ABR Streaming with 60 FPS: Now Available

September Product Updates ABR streaming with 60 FPS

Adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming is a technology for improving stream quality and solving issues caused by network connection and bitrate setup. ABR adjusts video quality according to your viewer’s network conditions to ensure smooth video streaming over HTTP networks. With ABR streaming, the viewers’ end’s playback is delivered as smoothly as possible regardless of their device, location, or Internet speed.
When you create a new All in One stream on Castr, the default settings for Frames per second (FPS) when you enable Adaptive bitrate streaming is 30 FPS. If you are streaming at 60 FPS, you can head to the Settings tab and change it in the Advanced Settings.
You can learn more about Adaptive bitrate streaming from this blog.

Rebroadcast your recorded live streams

September Product Updates VOD to pre recorded streams
Castr takes end-to-end streaming to the next level! Your All in One streams are recorded automatically and made into VOD content with one click. Now, we’ve added updates to fully utilize your recording files: From live streams to pre-recorded streams in less than 5 seconds.
Any Live-to-VOD file can now be converted to create a Pre-recorded Stream right after your stream ended. In detail, all of your finished streams are recorded and saved as VOD files automatically using Castr’s Live-to-VOD feature. You can now add the Live-to-VOD files to Pre-recorded streams and schedule for broadcasting for any destination you want.
To see how this feature works, make sure to check out our tutorial.
Let’s give these new features a try and let us know your thoughts. There’ll be even more new updates coming to Castr. Make sure you stick around to stream more incredible content with us!

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