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Collaborative Live Streaming is Here! Introducing the All-new Team Feature in Castr

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Introducing the All-new Team Feature in Castr

We are excited to announce the release of Castr’s Team Feature–the latest addition to our live streaming solution. With Team, you can invite your teammates, partners, or stream co-hosts to manage all streams on the same Castr dashboard.

The new Team feature is available in the Professional plan and above. The number of team member slots will depend on your subscription.

This feature is an exciting addition to improve your streaming flow, boost project management, and enable collaboration for your team on Castr.

Castr Team Feature at a Glance

The Team feature offers flexible options for creating and managing your team on Castr. There are three different roles in a Team: Owner, Admins, and Moderators. How you want to set up and delegate each function to your team is entirely up to you.

Here are some more details of the Team’s roles:

  • Owner: This is the account that created the team. The owner has full permission in the streaming dashboard. The owner account manages Billings and pays for the subscription plan of the team.
  • Admin: The admin role is invited by the owner. This role also has full permission to access and manage the streaming dashboard, including Billings.
  • Moderator: The moderator role is invited by the owner or the admin. Moderator’s permissions are customizable and set up by the owner or admin of the team.

Here’s a quick look at a role’s permission in a Team when you invite new members, with the owner and admin having full permission by default:

Castr Team Feature

You can check out the detailed tutorial on how to set up a new team and invite new members in our Help Center.

Why Team? How You Can Improve Live Streaming with Your Team on Castr

One of the most powerful attributes of live streaming is staying connected with your audience. With the new Team feature, you can better collaborate and manage your streams and videos on the same Castr dashboard.

With all the stream setups and VOD files stored in one place, any new member can get the information they need and start streaming instantly. With the ability to customize the moderator’s permissions in the team, you can be more flexible in delegating roles and working together more effectively on Castr.

Introducing the All-new Team Feature in Castr

How to invite a new member to your team

The team feature is also useful for temporary partnerships streaming from one unified dashboard. You can quickly remove or disable a team member’s account in the Account dashboard.

In short, Castr’s new Team feature will enable you to broadcast live as a team more freely, yet with the control you need to feel confident and secure. Let’s go to your account, start exploring the Team feature, invite your team members, and have fun!


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