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Top 15 Creative Content Ideas for Video Content Creators

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Top 15 Creative Content Ideas for Video Content Creators

You’re passing up an opportunity to interact with your audience if you don’t prioritize creating videos as part of your content marketing strategy. According to studies, consumers enjoy watching videos a lot, and they are also very efficient for online marketing.

You might find the following facts regarding videos interesting:

  • According to Social Media Week, when people watch a message in a video, they retain 95% of it.
  • According to Wyzowl, many people (84%) have made a purchasing decision as a result of watching a brand’s video.
  • According to Wyzowl, many video marketers (78%) think their use of videos has increased their ability to sell goods and services.

Successful brands need compelling videos. We offer 15 video-centric content marketing ideas to aid you if you lack experience in video production or are looking for fresh inspiration.

So, with that in mind, read on for our top 15 creative video content ideas to wow your audience!

Top 15 Creative Video Content Ideas

1 Interviews With Industry Experts

Would you like to be known as an industry thought leader/influencer? Then begin establishing relationships with subject-matter experts. The interview format may add excellent video content to your video library and is a great method to gain original, novel perspectives. Using influencer marketing’s potential is a wise move for companies that want to lead their industries as thought leaders.

2 Information Visualization (Video scribing and Whiteboard Animation)

Do you create a lot of written content, such as newsletters, eBooks, and PDFs? Why not make them into images and movies? It can be made more engaging by using infographics or data visualizations. Making a whiteboard animation video or video scribing is among the flashiest trends to do. It conveys explanations through text and images. Therefore, it is preferable to engage a professional if you don’t already have a video editor. You might experience unhappiness and frustration if not.

3 How-to Videos

Making effective marketing content with how-to videos is simple and doesn’t require a lot of money for props or expensive equipment. Because they allow you to demonstrate your knowledge space, this how-to content can be extremely beneficial for your business.
For example, if you design clothing, you might produce a series of films that demonstrate how to embellish a simple outfit. This would provide you with a tonne of content that you could also publish as IGTV posts on Instagram.

4 Behind-the-Scenes

Humans are innately interested in what happens behind the scenes. Videos that demonstrate what takes place behind the scenes can be made. This is a fantastic method to establish a connection with your audience and remove any barriers.
Another option is to compile a year’s worth of behind-the-scenes videos to show off your product team’s progress on a new feature. It’s acceptable to discuss your difficulties and how you overcome them because doing so humanizes you and your company.

5 Highlights Reels

If you have a lot of video content that you’ve made but haven’t used, you can put it to good use by creating highlight reels. These reels are like a summary of your best work, and you can use them to mark the end of the year or celebrate an important achievement.
It’s similar to a movie’s montage sequence, which can evoke strong emotions when it’s well-edited and accompanied by motivating music. When you plan your highlights reel, keep this in mind so that you can create a marketing plan that resonates with your audience.

6 Unboxing/Unpacking

People enjoy watching videos of other people unboxing boxes in the current era. More time is spent watching these videos than popular holiday films like “Love Actually” by viewers. Mobile phones are very popular with this trend.
Some YouTube users are so skilled at producing these videos that you may pay them to create one for your business. Yet, by seeing a few and taking notes, you can also discover how to build them yourself. In fact, two of the most popular YouTube channels in 2018 specialized in product unboxing.

7 Time-Lapse Videos

A time-lapse video is simple to make and always entertaining to watch. You don’t need an expensive camera because nowadays most smartphones have a time-lapse capability. To prevent shaky footage, just make sure your camera is stable on a tripod.
Time-lapse photography is excellent for displaying rapid and creative processes on projects like painting or commuting. To make the time-lapse video engaging, there must be movements, such as people or objects.

8 FAQs Video

Are there frequently asked questions on your website? If someone visits that page, it might be because they are looking for more details or they don’t like having to look for the Questions area. You might have a brief video and a written response under each question to make it simpler for users to find the solutions. Instead of browsing through the list or using the ctrl-F search to get what they’re looking for, this is quicker and more entertaining.

9 Before & After

Do you enjoy seeing improvements (before and after transformation) in situations? Videos of something or someone before and after a change, such as a home or a person’s look, demonstrate the transformation. They may move you emotionally or inspire you. Those who take part in these shifts demonstrate a willingness to be flexible, vulnerable, and problem-solving. Take plenty of photos and videos both before and after the change, don’t forget!

10 Pre-Launch Teaser Videos

Do you intend to launch an exciting new project, initiative, or product to the public soon? Before releasing it, you can make a little teaser video to build anticipation and offer them a taste of what’s to come. Sharing these kinds of videos on social media is a fantastic idea, but make sure all stakeholders know what you’re exactly saying and when you’re saying it.

11 Top 10 list

Most people enjoy reading lists, and you probably like them too since you’re currently reading the 11th point. If you’re creating list-based content for your marketing strategy, you could add videos to your list. You can experiment with various video styles like visual storytelling, whiteboard videos, screencasting, or other techniques that can help showcase your content.

12 Product Reviews

Due to the high volume of individuals who research things online before purchasing them, online product reviews are quite popular. The credibility of your brand will be demonstrated by doing this. Finding a prominent figure/influencer in your business to feature in a video explaining the benefits, features, and functions of your new product is a smart move when it’s time to launch it.

13 Host a Challenge

You may create an engaging challenge to make a video go viral. Challenges can include dancing, trying something new to eat, or pulling off a cool trick. However, you should make sure that everyone can participate in the challenge safely. An influencer can kick off the challenge, and you can encourage their followers to join in as well.
The Ice Bucket Challenge, in which participants pour a bucket of ice on themselves and give money to the ALS Society for motor neuron disease research, is an illustration of a well-known challenge.
A modest objective will suffice to ensure the success of a challenge video. What important is that the video is enjoyable and stimulates original thought. The Wipe It Down and Dalgona Coffee Challenge are two instances of well-known TikTok challenges.

14 User-submitted product video

Although it can be challenging, getting user-generated content is worthwhile. Potential customers may be more convinced to make a purchase when a customer publishes a video of themselves using your product and demonstrating its capabilities than when your business produces a video. Also, it is very beneficial for brand promotion.

15 Livestreams

Making live videos is a smart move for video content marketing, as we’ve previously discussed. On websites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, you broadcast yourself live. Consumers prefer this kind of video because they can immediately engage with you. You can use it to answer inquiries on a particular topic, forthcoming event, or product issue.
It’s crucial to have certain topics to discuss, but it’s as important to be authentic since that’s what people want. You might not receive the reaction you want if you sound too robotic or scripted.


The Bottom Line

You created videos for your company, right? If so, what kind of video did you create, and how did your viewers respond? Do any of the abovementioned suggestions interest you in case you didn’t?

It might be difficult and time-consuming to come up with fresh video ideas!

When you must combine your job and personal lives, especially under pressure from your business, it can be particularly difficult to be creative. You are not alone if you find it difficult to be creative.
That’s why we wrote this post—to encourage you to come up with fresh concepts and rekindle your creative juices.


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