Video Trends

Video Trends for 2023

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Video Trends for 2023

The last year 2022 was a pretty crazy year, but 2023 looks like it will be just as wild!
Videos are the most popular way to market, advertise, share, and talk with people these days. Even though it’s already popular, people will keep coming up with new ways to use videos.

Seven video trends that will be important in 2023 and beyond are being pushed by big companies. You should know about these trends if you work in digital marketing, buy media, or make content.

These trends are picking up speed and are likely to become very popular.


Artificial Intelligence technology (ChatGPT & Midjourney) in the Video

AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney can make it easier and more accurate to make video content. We can get more specific and useful data by combining A/B testing with AI. Every year, AI technology grows and gets better, making it a top trend to watch.
At first, people may have thought that using AI was just a trick, but now we are starting to see how it can be useful.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

AI can be used to outline a video’s script or make a piece of graffiti art to add to a scene. As AI platforms get smarter and we get better at using them, we can speed up and simplify parts of our work. In 2023, there will be more videos that use AI in how they work.


Motion Graphics: Collage Animation Video

Almost everyone who uses the internet, or about 92%, watches online videos. During the time when people had to stay inside, because of the coronavirus, animated movies became very popular. Because they could still be made even though live-action movies had to stop.
Today, animation is still very popular and a good choice for companies. Because it’s a great way to show off their brand, it can be cheaper than live action, and it’s a fun way to share information.

Motion Graphics and Collage Animation Video

Animated explainers are a great way to tell people quickly about a product or service. Animated things are used in different ways depending on how people like to watch things.


Silent Video & Captions Gain Momentum

Most people don’t put sound on when they watch short videos on Facebook. But without sound, people might not be able to understand up to 41% of the video. Since more people are watching videos while on the go, they need to be easy to find. To do this, video marketers use captions, context, and other ways to communicate information without using sound.

Silent Video and Captions

GIFs are a good example of this because people have been using them to show ideas without sound for a long time. GIFs send their message through captions, actions, and well-known meme formats. Their fame is on the rise. So, more video marketers will likely use captions and other “no-audio” techniques to make videos easier for viewers to use.


Demand For Short-Form Video Grows

Short videos are popular not only on TikTok, but also on platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. Yet, Quibi is the most important one to mention.

Short Form videos

Quibi is a platform for short, high-quality videos that are only available on mobile devices. They raised $1.8 billion to bring Hollywood-style production to short-form videos.


User-Generated Content is on the Rise

Using both user-generated content (UGC) and advocacy marketing can help your marketing strategy succeed in 2021 and beyond. About 86% of businesses are already using UGC as part of their marketing strategy.

User generated content

75% of brands say that adding UGC to their marketing mix makes their brand content more real. Videos made by users are not only more real, but they also get more attention. Ten times as many people watch user-made videos on YouTube than videos made by brands.


Brand Building through Social Video Marketing

Videos are an excellent way to convey information. Viewers can remember 95% of the message presented to them in the video. Compared to reading text, which only allows for a 10% retention rate.

social video marketing

For marketers looking to get the most out of their efforts, videos have proven to be effective over time. Branded video campaigns can help promote brand awareness and recognition. They also highlight what sets your brand apart from others.


Programmatic Video

InsideIntelligence says that by 2023, the programmatic investment will have grown by 15.2%. Marketers, brands, and buyers are all putting more money into programmatic advertising. Programmatic video is popular because it is easy to plan and run campaigns. It works well for advertisers with a lot of inventory.

Programmatic video

A recent survey by the IAB found that agencies expect 2023 to be a hard year with clients, with less time to plan and budgets that change. Since programmatic marketplaces are flexible, they may become more popular. Programmatic buyers need Ads.txt. Sellers need to make their inventory available to programmatic buyers.


Video Creators Monetize with New Platforms

For video marketing to work, you need both a platform to advertise on and a content creator who will host ads. Fans bring in money for content creators and platforms. This has usually been how content makers and advertisers get along.
But now, platforms like Patreon, which are very popular, are threatening this ecosystem. Users of Patreon can watch videos without ads and get early access to videos. It also lets people attend live events for a monthly fee.

Video Creators Monetize with New Platforms

Searches for Patreon, a subscription-based content platform, have increased by 108% in 5 years. Creators can offer paid subscriptions directly to their fans through Patreon. Fans are increasingly using this model to support channels, podcasts, and influencers that they follow. Adult content creators have particularly benefited from this trend.


Shoppable Video Content

More and more people are noticing how video and online shopping are coming together. Shoppable videos are brief videos that let you click or tap on the items you see in the video to buy them right away.

Shoppable video content

In 2023, it’s expected that this will be the usual way to advertise products using video content.


The Bottom Line

Here are some video trends that are expected to continue in 2023:

Live video streaming:

Short-form video content:

  • Short videos that are easy to watch and share on TikTok, and Instagram Reels. YouTube Shorts will keep getting popular.

Short-form video content:

  • Short videos that are easy to watch and share on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts will continue to be popular.

Virtual and augmented reality videos:

  • More videos will use VR and AR technologies in 2023.

Personalized video content:

  • Brands will make videos that are personalized to connect with their audience.

360-degree videos:

Vertical video:

  • Videos shot in portrait mode will continue to be popular on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.


  • Animated videos with creative storytelling will continue to be popular. It has become easier to create them with software like Adobe Character Animator.

Educational and how-to videos:

  • Videos that teach how to do something, from cooking to coding, will continue to be popular on platforms like YouTube.

Branded content:

  • Brands will create more video content to connect with their audience in a more authentic way.

User-generated content:

  • Brands will continue to use user-generated content because it’s authentic and relatable.

Social media stories:

  • Short-lived video stories on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat will keep growing.

Video ads:

Influencer videos:

  • Brands will partner with influencers to create video content that promotes their products or services.

Behind-the-scenes videos:

  • Brands will create more behind-the-scenes videos to show the process of creating something. It engages with its audience in an authentic way.

Testimonial videos:

  • Brands will create more testimonial videos. It showcases the experiences of its satisfied customers and offers social proof.

Comedy videos:

  • Brands will use humor to engage with their audience in a more light-hearted way with entertaining and shareable comedy videos.


In the coming year 2023 and beyond, there may be new and diverse trends in videos. Yet, we can be certain that videos will remain the most popular form of media in the future. Recent years have taught us that videos are the most crucial kind of media in today’s world.


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