IRL Streaming Setup | A Complete Guide

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IRL Streaming Setup

The internet has made it possible for anyone to become a content creator. In the past, if you wanted to share your gaming sessions or creative works with the world, you had to go through a lot of expensive and complicated hardware and software setups. But now, all you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection! If you’re new to content creation, IRL streaming is a great place to start. IRL stands for “in real life.” It refers to streaming video of anything happening in the real world instead of a pre-recorded or simulated environment.

There are many different ways to set up an IRL stream. This guide will cover everything you need to know for an IRL streaming.

What is IRL?

The term IRL is short for “In Real Life.” When you IRL stream, you are live streaming something happening in the real world. This can be anything from a gaming session to vlogging your day-to-day life.

IRL Streaming

Most of the time, we watch simulated and pre-recorded content. This means that the events happening on-screen have been carefully planned and edited before we see them. But IRL streaming lets you see everything as it happens in real time! This creates a more intimate and direct connection between the content creator and their audience. That’s why IRL streaming has become increasingly popular in recent years. In IRL streaming, a content creator can directly interact with his viewers and build a more personal connection.

An Easy Solution for IRL Streaming Setup

The setup for IRL streaming isn’t as complicated as it might first seem. But you need to know a few key things before you start streaming. Your awareness and intelligence can make this complicated task easy. For an easy solution, we have gathered all the information you need to get started with IRL streaming.

Let’s see what you need for the best IRL streaming setup and how you can get started quickly.

Stable Internet Connection:

Internet is the key to a successful IRL stream. A stable and good-quality internet connection is a must for high-quality live streaming. Without a good internet connection, your stream will be choppy, laggy, and low-quality. It will lead to a lousy viewer experience. Thus, you have to lose your valuable viewers. When you live stream in-house, the best way to get a stable internet connection is to use an Ethernet cable. This will give you a wired connection that is much more reliable than a wireless one. Using a laptop, you can also get a USB adapter to connect to the Ethernet cable. Besides wifi, cellular modems are also an option for IRL streaming. But they are not as reliable as a wired connection and can lead to choppy streams.


On the other hand, if you’re live-streaming outside, you’ll have to rely on an excellent wireless connection like mobile networks. In this case, IRL streamers use portable hotspots or their mobile data for the internet. Live streaming from the outdoors is a challenge all time. That’s why an IRL streamer should always have an IRL backpack. The IRL backpack helps to overcome this challenge.


Now that you have a stable internet connection, it’s time to choose which streaming device you’ll use for your In-Real-Life live streams. The most popular choice for indoor video streaming is a laptop. Laptops are portable and have all the necessary features for live streaming. You’ll need a capture card to connect it to your camera using a desktop computer. But with laptops, you can directly connect most of the cameras through a USB cable. This makes live streaming with a laptop much easier.


For outdoor video streaming, IRL streamers use their mobile phones. The latest smartphones have potent cameras and processors capable of live streaming high-quality video. With iPhone and Android, you can directly live stream to popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.


Webcam ensures a high-quality and clear image and video quality in IRL streaming. A good webcam is a must for successful live streaming. Though the laptop has a built-in webcam, it’s not good enough for live streaming. The image quality of the built-in webcam is poor, and it doesn’t have features like autofocus and low light correction. That’s why an IRL streamer should use an external webcam for the best results.

Webcam for IRL Streaming

When you are streaming with a phone, always use the front-facing camera. So, when purchasing a phone for IRL streaming, ensure it has a high-resolution front-facing camera. iPhone X, Google Pixel 2, and Samsung Galaxy S9 are some of the best phones for IRL streaming.


Tripod for IRL Streaming

IRL streams are shaky and unstable. It would help if you used a tripod to overcome this issue. A tripod will keep your camera stable and prevent it from shaking. Besides, it is easy to carry around and set up. You can purchase a tripod designed for IRL streaming or use a general-purpose tripod. When selecting a tripod, ensure it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

Gimble and Selfie Stick:

Gimbal is a motorized stabilization system. It helps to keep the camera stable and prevents it from shaking. Gimbal is very useful for IRL streaming as it smoothens out the movements and makes the video look professional. Besides, a selfie stick is also an excellent tool for IRL streaming. It helps you position the phone camera at the right angle and capture a wide field of view. Most time, the streamers purchase a combo of gimbal and selfie sticks. Remember, the lightweight gimbal and selfie stick are easy to carry around.


Lighting for IRL Streaming

Lighting is a vital factor in IRL streaming. It helps to improve the video quality and makes the environment look more appealing. When selecting lighting for IRL streaming, ensure it’s bright enough and doesn’t produce too much heat. You can use natural light or artificial light for IRL streaming.

If you’re using artificial lighting, choose LED lights as they are energy-efficient and don’t produce too much heat.



For better audio quality, you need to use an external microphone. The built-in microphone of the phone or laptop is not good enough for IRL streaming. When selecting a microphone for IRL streaming, ensure it’s high-quality and captures clear audio. Also, the microphone should be easy to set up and use.

Powerbank and Alternative Energy Source:

If you want to start IRL streaming, it’s important to have an alternative energy source. A power bank is a must-have for IRL streaming as it provides backup power for your phone in case of a power outage. A powerful power bank will keep your phone charged for a long time and allow you to stream continuously. Most of the streamers use a pre-settled backpack to stream IRL. It has a power bank, microphone, and other required things for IRL streaming.

Besides, you should also have an alternative energy source like a generator or IPS when streaming from indoors. Especially, new streamers in developing countries who started their IRL streaming career often face power cuts. So, an alternative source of energy is a must for them. It helps them to stream continuously without any interruption.


A video streaming encoder connects USB, Ethernet, HDMI, wifi, or 3G-4G LTE wireless signal to a computer, which is converted into a digital format and transmitted over the internet.

When selecting an encoder for your IRL stream setup, ensure it’s high-quality and low latency. It should have a long-time battery backup and be easy to use.

Streaming Software:

If you want to live stream on multiple platforms, then you need streaming software with advanced technology. The streaming software should be able to live stream on multiple platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, and more. Though Twitch IRL stream is quite popular and the oldest among the IRL streamers, some live stream on other platforms and even on their websites.

Castr is one of the best live streaming software that allows you to live stream on multiple platforms with just a few clicks. It has low latency and high-quality video and audio output. Besides, it’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Castr uses the latest streaming technology and gives you the freedom to live stream on multiple platforms.

Final Thoughts

It can be summed up that IRL streaming is quite popular among people who want to show their talents to the world. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and build a strong relationship with them. To start IRL streaming, you need a good-quality camera, lighting, microphone, power bank, encoder, and streaming software. Once you have these things, you’re all set to start IRL streaming with software that facilitates live streaming on multiple platforms. You can also live stream on a single platform, but you should choose the simulcasting software for maximum reach.

Castr is one of the best live streaming software that allows you to live stream on multiple platforms with just a few clicks. Since it ensures low latency video streaming, you can live stream your content without delay and have high-quality audio and video output. If the guide helps you in any way, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, let us know if you have any queries regarding the IRL streaming setup and Castr.

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