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Continuous Streaming: How to Set Up a 24/7 Live Stream?

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24 7 Live Streaming

In this digital age, video content consumption has become increasingly popular. People are constantly engaged with video content and looking for more ways to watch their favorite shows. Live streaming has become one of the most popular methods of delivering video content. Since live streaming allows audiences to watch the content as it happens, they prefer it over pre-recorded content.

If you have any platform to stream live video content, a continuous live-streaming setup will help to increase your reach. Setting up a 24/7 live stream can be challenging, but it is possible. Using the right tools, software, and methods, you can create a continuous live stream that will keep your viewers engaged and entertained.

In this guide, we’ll learn the basics of 24/7 live streaming, its benefits, and how to set up a 24/7 live stream to get continuous streaming.

What is 24/7 Live Streaming?

24/7 live streaming is a type of broadcasting where live content is streamed continuously without any breaks. That’s why it’s also known as continuous streaming. It’s typically used to stream live events, sports matches, and other content that can be broadcast continuously using pre-recorded videos. In 24/7 streams audience can watch the content as it is happening and in real time. They can’t see the mechanism behind the streaming ever.

The technology of continuous live streams is very advanced and requires sophisticated hardware, software, and tools. It is mainly used by professional broadcasters who want a better user experience. Though advanced technologies are used in this process, the setup of 24/7 live streaming is not as complex as it seems.

You can easily set up 24/7 streaming with a strong internet connection, a bucket of excellent pre-recorded videos, and Castr. In the later part of our article, we’ll delve deeper into how to set up a 24/7 live stream with Castr.

Is it Possible to Livestream 24/7?

Yes, it is possible to live stream 24/7 if you have streaming software with a pre-recorded streaming feature. In the past, it wasn’t possible to Livestream pre-recorded videos. However, with the advancement in streaming technology, you can now easily set up a continuous live stream and keep your audience entertained with uninterrupted content.

In a 24/7 streaming, you need to store all your videos in a cloud-based storage and configure an automatic channel switcher using the software. This way, you can have your videos continuously streaming without any breaks. Let’s see how to set up this streaming with Castr.

How to Set Up a 24/7 Live Stream with Castr?

It’s a sophisticated but straightforward process to set up a 24/7 live stream with Castr. For setting up continuous video streaming, you’ll need the following:

Pre-Recorded Video Files

Usually, you need a live source and a device to stream live. But when you opt for 24/7 streaming, there is no live source. You only need pre-recorded videos stored in the cloud. In this stimulated streaming model, a video file is stored in the cloud and can be broadcast. You can maintain a schedule while uploading multiple videos on the cloud storage.

Once you have scheduled your videos, you can start streaming 24/7 live videos.

Stable Internet

A solid and stable internet connection is the backbone of live streaming. Significantly when you’re streaming live 24/7, you can’t compromise your internet quality. A wired wifi connection is ideal for smooth streaming. You should have backup equipment to ensure that your connection doesn’t drop.

As you will engage a vast audience with this continuous streaming, you should have the excellent internet speed to ensure no buffering and lagging.

Castr Active Subscription

Castr is a powerful software that provides complete video streaming solutions. The software has all the features to stream videos continuously in real-time. Castr is enriched with multistreaming, video hosting, pre-recorded streaming, real-time analytics, and more. Since it uses multi-CDN strategy, it ensures high-quality streaming with minimal latency.

Live Streaming Platforms

Since Castr offers simulcasting on multiple streaming platforms, you should target the right platform to reach your desired audience. Different platforms are popular for different kinds of content. So regarding your content, pick the right platform. Using Castr, you can easily connect your live feed to 30+ streaming platforms, including YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, and more.

Start Continuous Streaming

Once you have all the essential elements, you can stream videos 24/7. For any technical issues, you can contact Castr’s customer support. The team will help you with streaming, buffering, and other issues.

Monitor the Performance of 24/7 Live Stream

When streaming 24/7 with Castr, you can easily monitor streaming performance. Using Castr’s real-time analytics, you can check streaming health, viewer count, bitrate, bandwidth and other metrics. So you can easily track the performance of your live stream and optimize it accordingly.

How to Choose the Best Livestreaming Platform?

It’s a vital part of 24/7 live streaming to choose the right livestreaming platform. A streamer should consider these factors to decide which livestreaming platform is best for him.

Research & Identify Your Core Target Audience

Not only in streaming but in any marketing activity, the core target audience should be identified to market the product strategically. Use the platform where your core target audience can reach more people. Suppose you want to reach students, then YouTube is the perfect platform. But if you want to reach the gamers, then Twitch is the ideal platform.

Define Your Streaming Goals

Regarding your goals, the streaming strategies will vary. From audience research to content creation, each step should be well-planned. So define your streaming goals before selecting a streaming platform. Since you are not streaming specific events in continuos streaming, you must define your goals for each video. You have to maintain the quality and engagement of your audience.

Research Your Competitors & Their Weekness

Once you have determined the streaming goals and audiences, it’s time to research the competitors. Analyze their weak points and find what you can do better than them. You can also improve your strategies based on past failures and successes of your competitors.

Align Your Goal with Features You Need

To select the best streaming platform, you must consider the features that come with it. If the platforms have all the features you need to reach your streaming goals, go for it.

Why Should You Stream a 24/7 Live?

There are multiple benefits of streaming a live 24/7. Continuous live streaming helps you to increase engagement with audiences. In 24/7 live streams, the audience can watch content anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you can increase your viewership by streaming regularly. Stable live streaming also helps to gain trust from the target audience. For getting more exposure and broadening the reach, 24/7 video streaming is an ideal option.


Since 24/7 streaming engages more viewers, from TV channels to individual streamer, everyone is trying to stream 24/7. Continuous streaming helps to reach more viewers and generate more revenue. If you are interested in streaming 24/7, Castr is the perfect choice. You can easily connect your live feed to multiple platforms and stream continuously. With Castr, you can easily monitor streaming performance and make changes accordingly.

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